Video Production

I studied video production for two years as part of my Media Studies program at the University of San Francisco, and I’ve also gone back to video production for part of my MA course here at Westminster University in London. I have experience filming with the Sony PD150, Panasonic 24p, and Sony HVR-V1U, and I edit with Final Cut Pro. My passion is documentary production, but I’ve also been a host for a music television show at USF called “Visionz.”


“California’s Cannabis Culture” : MA Dissertation Project, 2010
In November 2010, Californians will be voting on whether or not to legalize marijuana for recreational use. If passed, California will become the first US state to end marijuana prohibition.

This is an exploration of California’s cannabis culture. It’s the story of the people fighting for it, the people fighting against it, the people selling it, the people making it less taboo, and the people who were around when the whole scene started.

I made this documentary for my final MA International Broadcast Journalism dissertation project at the University of Westminster.

Everything was filmed around northern California from May-June 2010.

ViviendasLeon: summer, 2008
In the summer of 2008, I spent two months in Mexico and Nicaragua with a group of architecture students from the University of San Francisco. They designed a sustainable development community center for a rural village just outside of Leon, Nicaragua. The project was done in conjunction with a non-profit organization called ViviendasLeon. Here’s a short clip highlighting the program:

The full-length version, “Mano Por Mano”, can be viewed below:

“Anime Comes To Life”: aired on Current TV in November, 2008
In recent years, there has been a growing subculture of people outside of Asia who are completely obsessed with all things Japanese. This pod takes an in-depth look at young group of Americans, from a variety of backgrounds, who Cosplay (the act of dressing up like characters from animes).


“Passing Clouds”: produced in March 2010
Fed up with present-day commercialism, a group of people from different countries gather to build what they believe is a better way of living. They created a place called Passing Clouds, in London, to introduce a more communal and responsible lifestyle.

This short documentary was produced by Amanda Van West, Pichayada Promchertchoo, and Luis Dominguez as part of the MAJI Documentary TV module at Westminster University, in 2010.

“Gluten-Free 4U+Me”: produced in April, 2008
A humorous, light-hearted look at what happens to people who are gluten-intolerant, and trying to live a life without wheat, rye, and barley. Produced by Aiza Bonus, Sky Madden, and Amanda Van West.

“The Rhythm of the Hot Dog”: produced in February, 2008
If you’ve ever found yourself walking (or rather, stumbling) around the Mission District in San Francisco in the middle of the night, your nose is no stranger to the enticing smell of the greasy, oniony, bacon wrapped hot dogs. Because “pretty much everything’s delicious when you’re drunk!”


In my course at Westminster University, I produced two news pieces with my partner, Pichayada Promchertchoo.

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday that’s celebrated annually on November 2nd. Rather than mourning death, Mexicans celebrate it through festivities, food, art, and music. In 2009, the British Museum in London had its own take on the celebration.

Budget Dining

Dining establishments in London saw revenue fall in 2009, due to the recession. High-end restaurants suffered the most, while all-you-can-eat budget restaurants were booming.

In 2008, I was a host and executive producer for a music television show called “Visionz”, which aired on USFtv at the University of San Francisco. During my time there, I interviewed bands such as: Editors, We Are Scientists, Switches, Shout Out Louds, Jamie T, The Voom Blooms, and more!

Visionz: Treasure Island Music
In October 2008, I covered this festival for “Visionz”. Highlights include an interview with Mike Relm and footage of Vampire Weekend, The Raconteurs, and Justice.

Visionz: We Are Scientists interview, November 2008
Quite possibly the strangest and most amusing interview I’ve ever done. Thanks, WAS!

Visionz: Switches Interview, May 2008
The (sadly) now-defunct British band, Switches, came to perform at Popscene in San Francisco, in 2008. I caught up with them before the show for an interview.

Click here for more “Visionz” episodes!


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