Secret Cinema

It’s officially autumn, which means one thing: Halloween is coming up! I’ve always loved Halloween–well, minus the ‘welfare’ year when my mom made me a ghost costume using an old, ratty sheet and a pair of scissors to cut out jagged eye holes (which I was subsequently teased for at school)…and the year that one old man gave us peeled, hard boiled eggs and a handful of chocolate chips for ‘treats’…But other than that, crazy costumes, shenanigans, and candy? Yes, please!

Before coming to London, I wasn’t sure if the holiday was celebrated widely over here. Turns out, it is. Time Out (a.k.a my bible for all things interesting happening in London) has a great listing of different activities that are happening for Halloween. Many choices, but this year, I will be spending Halloween at London’s own ‘Secret Cinema.’ Essentially, Secret Cinema is an organization that periodically puts on cinema viewings around London. The catch? The location and movie changes every time, and you don’t know what movie you’re going to watch until you get there. So naturally, a few of my friends and I purchased tickets. At this point, I still have no clue at all what movie they’re going to show, or where it’s going to be–although I assume that we’ll find out the location shortly, as tickets have been purchased! All I know is that we will definitely be dressing up and ready to have a good time!

For those of you who celebrate Halloween, what were your favorite costumes? What will you be going as this year? I’m either doing some sort of parrot-inspired costume, or an innocent bystander being attacked by birds, a la Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, “The Birds.”

And, just for kicks, here’s a photo from Halloween a couple of years ago. I’m a mod zombie, and my friend Steena is a Mexican farmer!

we're not racist

Happy Halloween!


6 thoughts on “Secret Cinema

  1. Haha lovely post Amanda. Secret Cinema, I heard about it, but my Halloween will be more of a partying dancing dressed up in something like glamour devilish style. Have to see your costume though, I loved “The Birds”.

  2. Isabel says:


    Have a safe and happy Halloween. I went to the Beer Train where 150 people dress up for Halloween a week before, take over Cal Train, and go to predetermined bars on the Peninsula. I was Princess Peach and Arlen was Mario. I’ll post photos on Facebook soon. šŸ™‚

  3. The Famous Masked Dog says:

    If you remember correctly, I tried to get you to wear Juliana’s princess outfit. You insisted on cutting out the eyes for the ghost costume. Not to squelch your enthusiasm and artistic talent, I went along with it and told everyone you were dressed up as Charlie Brown on Halloween. : )
    Anyway, good times, good times
    The Dog

    • Nina says:

      Dear Dog, as I recall that costume was originally one of the Three Bears. Adding a tail, losing the hood and adding a funky mask brought years of Halloween joy and laughter to the rest of us. As for Princess Amanda, I seem to recall that the same thing happened to her that happened to you when you wore it – the shoulder unraveled – good times!

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